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Smith Mediation Services provides reliable mediation services to Midvale, UT and surrounding areas. We offer a cost effective alternative to litigation by serving as the third party facilitator and assisting disputing parties in reaching a resolution. We specialize in divorce mediation.

Divorce Mediator - Midvale, UT - Smith Mediation Services

Learn More About Smith Mediation Services:

  • Divorce (and modifications)
  • Parent time / custody
  • Elder care
  • End-of-life decisions (life support, wills, property division)
  • Workplace
    • Employee / employer
    • Employee / employee
  • Debt collection
  • Neighborhood
    • Noise
    • Animal problems
    • Property disputes

If you want to avoid the extensive costs of a lengthy court battle, contact Smith Mediation Services today at 801-518-6941.

Smith Mediation Services 8142 South State, Suite 108, Midvale, Utah
Smith Mediation Services

8142 South State, Suite 108
Midvale, Utah